Shopping in Second-hand was a success, I got a 50% discount.

I want to answer the questions that were written to me in my previous articles about second-hand shoes. Many wrote that rubbish, junk, trash, and how can you disrespect yourself so much when buying shoes in Second Hand?

Why did I start buying shoes in Second Hand? I wrote in previous articles that I love leather shoes. I also have very narrow and long feet and these shoes are hard to find.

Not only did you have to go around many stores in search of a suitable pair, but also the prices are often biting for good shoes.

Namely, in Second-hand stores one often comes across chic, leather shoes. By the way, there you can buy new shoes even with labels. I have almost all shoes from Second hand, I have been wearing these shoes for years, and they look like new.

I noticed the shoes that I buy in Second Hand are much cheaper, but their quality can be higher than that of shoes presented in popular chain stores. In the second-hand assortment, you can find shoes of popular brands, which not everyone can afford to buy for the usual price.

Oh, how I anxiously read the comments in my previous article about second-hand shoes. I realized that many people are afraid to buy shoes and clothes in second-hand stores. After all, it may seem that if someone has already worn a thing, it probably will not last long. In addition, there are fears that you can become infected with any infectious disease. These fears are in vain: clothes and shoes that fall on the shelves of second-hand stores are thoroughly disinfected with special solutions. These solutions completely destroy all possible microorganisms that can harm human health.

Second hand stores are stores that sell used clothes and shoes. Or those that someone bought but did not use. They may even have a tag on them, but the thing is no longer considered new, and therefore ends up in second-hand. And sometimes there are completely new things that are not sold in ordinary stores. It can be not only clothes and shoes, but also toys, furniture, dishes and much more.

Well, now let’s see what was in second-hand and what I managed to find and buy.

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With a 50% discount — 250 rubles. there were a lot of new and used sports shoes

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Cool Converse sneakers

Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author

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Cool sneakers from Panter

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Unfortunately, only one sneaker came up to me, but they are brand new.

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Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author Photo of the author

German firm Tomaris, genuine leather.

I already somehow found boots from this company in Second, the quality is on top.

Very satisfied with the purchase!

I appreciate exclusively the convenience, quality and durability. I like to have a lot of shoes, so if there is an opportunity, I buy shoes with pleasure and often. I like unusual shoes and not to be the same as everyone else. I often find these shoes in second-hand stores.

I like to visit second-hand stores, I buy things there and wear them. And not because of financial difficulties, but solely because there are excellent quality items at ridiculous prices. I do not disdain and do not consider shameful. Again, I’m not urging anyone, it’s everyone’s choice, what to wear and how to spend their money.

Thank you for reading the article to the end.

Write comments, share your opinion. What do you think about second-hand shoes and is it worth buying shoes there at all?

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