I saw shoes in Second Hand that look like pigs.

Why did I start buying shoes in Second Hand? I have very narrow and long feet and these shoes are hard to find.

Not only did you have to go around many stores in search of a suitable pair, but also the prices are often biting for good shoes.

I noticed the shoes that I buy in Second Hand are much cheaper, but their quality can be higher than that of shoes presented in popular chain stores. In the second-hand assortment, you can find shoes of popular brands, which not everyone can afford to buy for the usual price.

Well, now let’s see what was in second-hand and what I managed to find and buy. All shoes were 280 r

The first time I saw such interesting shoes. Genuine leather shoes, they reminded me of pigs

Unusual leather sandals in Indian style. Trimmed with sequins and beads

We got these unusual, new shoes from rieker

Second hand stores are stores that sell used clothes and shoes. Or those that someone bought but did not use. They may even have a tag on them, but the thing is no longer considered new, and therefore ends up in second-hand. And sometimes there are completely new things that are not sold in ordinary stores. It can be not only clothes and shoes, but also toys, furniture, dishes and much more.

And that’s all for today!

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