I bought new, leather sandals in Second-hand for 250 r

Unusual secondhand shoes and my finds

Hello dear readers of my channel.

Another trip to Second Hand. I got to the sale of shoes, found and bought unusual, leather sandals and shoes for 250 r

Usually I wear leather shoes, but they are very expensive in stores. I have a very narrow and long foot, it is very difficult to find such shoes. Namely, in Second-hand stores such shoes often come across. By the way, there you can buy new shoes even with labels.

Having brought home, I always have my shoes, then I completely process them outside and inside with vodka or ammonia.

Well, now let’s see what shoes were in Second Hand and what I managed to buy.

Unusual leather sandals in boho style.

Bought these shoes made of genuine leather.

Shoes are unusual and very comfortable

I bought these sandals, they are new from genuine leather. Sandals are trimmed with beads very beautifully.

In Second-hand you can find unusual shoes and they will not be the same as everyone else.

And that’s all for today.

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